7 Must Have Elements For A Killer Sales Letter

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The market is brimming with sales letters. While some of them are amazing, the majority of them are not up to snuff.

Your sales page dictates the amount of money you will make. A quality sales page means more conversions, more traffic, consequently, more sales and profits.

That said, the question arises, how do you create a sales page that skyrockets your profits?  Here’s how —

1. Incredibly Amazing Titles

If you don’t have an amazing title, you can forget your body copy.  The reader just won’t come in, and you can kiss those ‘million dollar sales’ dreams goodbye.

Despite being so critical, most copywriters just slap a generic one together at the last moment. BIG MISTAKE.

Just think about it:

Before your audience come to the body copy, all you have got is the title to reel them in.  As famous copywriter John Carlton said, “Savvy copywriters often spend 90% of their time crafting just the headline”

The title is the backbone of your sales copy.  Get this wrong and everything goes out the window.

Your title has two main goals —

  • Commanding and stealing attention from your audience
  • Getting them to read the body copy

And in order to do any of these, you either have to offer a benefit so powerful that s/he just can’t skip it.

Here are some quality titles that catch attention —

  • At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in the New Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock (David Ogilvy)
  • This 10-day test has shown millions the way to white teeth (Claude Hopkins)
  • World famous street-fighter will give you a FREE GUN… just to prove he can take it away from you bare-handed as easy as candy from a baby! (John Carlton)
  • How To Make Money With Your Credit Cards (Gary Halbert)

All these headlines capture readers’ attention by providing a tantalizing benefit to draw the reader in, and keep them reading.

The next time you craft a title, first take your time figure out the biggest benefit and incorporate that in your title.

2. Opening Paragraphs That Glide The Readers Down

Do you know the goal of your title? To get your first sentence read.

And the goal of your second sentence? That’s right… to get your 3rd sentence read. And so on.

Once you have a cracking title, your next objective is to draw your readers in using attention-grabbing sentences parading as paragraphs.

That’s because, if your audience does not read past your opening lines, he/she ain’t stick till the ‘Buy Now’ button.

So how do you write opening sentences that keep the attention and flow like Tarzan swinging from vine to vine?

The answer?

Write short sentences and paragraphs, and ask questions every now and then, just the way I’m doing to you now.

Short sentences and paragraphs are easy to digest. Top them off with some questions, and you will create a smooth conversational flow that will keep the readers engaged.

3. Subheads That Command Attention

Subheads are basically mini-titles. Apart from dragging your audience down the page, they break down your copy and make it easier to navigate.

Most people tend to scan through content, and the same applies for your copy.

Subheads will help your prospect to quickly find which part resonates with them, without having to push through huge blocks of text.

Again, scroll back to point no 1 and use the same tactics to create captivating subheads.

4. Employ Attention Jabbing Words That Shock Your Audience Into Paying Attention

Your copy is supposed to boil down readers’ resistances and ultimately make them take action. And an excellent way to add more emotions in your writing is employing power verbs.

These words are impactful because they give your audience a sense of action. Such words slice through your audience’s defenses and hit them in the emotion pouch.

Here’s a sentence without action verbs –

“The cruel man told her wife that their marriage was over”

Here’s the verb-packed version of it:

“The vicious bastard stabbed her right in the heart”

To ramp up the power of your words, gather copy examples that knocked your socks off and study their action verbs. Think about which other words you can use.

Spend time studying sentence structures. Get used to selecting the perfect word.

5. Benefit-crammed Bullet Points

You’ve got your reader’s attention. He is invested in your copy. What next?

Punch them in their greed glands. Exhibit how your solution will benefit the reader. And how on Earth do you do that?

Write benefit-crammed bullet points that transform his interest into a burning lustful desire.

First, jot down the facts of your solution — the plain features.

Let’s take an exercise program for instance. Here’s how your features would look:

  • A 50 page book on nutritious food
  • Ten 30-minute DVDs explaining how to perform callisthenic exercises
  • A workbook for monitoring progress

Those are the plain features. You shouldn’t sell with them. You can’t sell with them. Don’t sell with them.

You have to convert your features into benefits. Ask yourself how those features can help your audience.

  • The 30-minute DVDs are there to aid you with exercises and keep you from getting injured. They’ve been proven the best way of learning the exercises. And they let you exercise comfortably at your home, without having to run errands and finding out the opening hours.
  • There is a gulf of misinformation on dieting that causes long term health issues. With our eBook, you can nail this down while avoiding harmful diet crazes and take more health-improving power-foods.
  • Losing weight can be a hard nut to crack. Therefore, you need something to keep your motivation up. We’ve added a tailored workbook for helping you monitor progress, find out your weaknesses and keep your mind optimistic.

Are you getting the drift here?

You are flooding your audience with the staggering benefits. Making him desire your solution more and more.

6. Risk-reversing Guarantee

People have taken enough risks already.

There have been times when they paid for the stuff and it never arrived.

They’ve used products that never worked, though promised guaranteed results.

And it’s only fair if they doubt you as well.

There’s only one way to you can stomp those doubts to dust — offering a staggering guarantee, where the whole risk is on your part.

Offer a 100% refund and you will see an uptick in your conversions.

7. A Rock-solid CTA

Why do you think all the sales letter push you to buy/order at the end?

Because that’s the part where your readers take action.

And if his attention flickers, you’ve lost the sale.

You have to drive him to a boiling point, grab him by the hand, and lead him to an easier life.

Don’t get too fancy here. Use something specific for that brings the action you are looking for.

Last Words

There you have it. 7 must-have elements for crafting a compelling sales letter.

Which one do you think is the most crucial, and why?

Let me know in the comments.

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