9 Content Marketing Hacks To Land More Clients And Make Better $$$

Ever feel like you’re not getting enough clients?

Your fingers bleed from cranking out killer content. You’re burnt out from doing all the reachout. And your brain is numb figuring new ways of netting more clients.

Although you’re witnessing substantial results already, a voice keeps echoing that your number of clients could be greater. As if your traffic could grow bigger, your conversions higher, and your profits through the roof…

Yes, you can grind harder and work overtime. But deep down you know there’s a way around this, right?

There is.

In fact, there are 10 kick-ass ways to growth-hack your content marketing to help you land more clients and make better $$$.

Keep on reading if you want to blast yourself towards a larger audience, ramp up your sales and  skyrocket your profit margins.

(1) Write In-depth Content

benefits of long form এর ছবির ফলাফল

As the image shows, highly detailed articles (with word count above 2450 words) yield amazing returns.

Not only Google, even your potential clients love them.

Writing in-depth article requires extreme attention to detail. And attention to detail comes through extensive research. And due to time alloted for research, these articles take a vast amount of time to put together.

Such articles offer you a range of benefits. More social shares, improved SEO and audience growth are a few examples.

Now, how do you go about cranking out in-depth content?

  • Find a broad, popular topic in your niche and dive deep into the topic
  • Go through articles, comments and long-tail keywords to trace down peoples issues
  • Tell stories, give analogies, ask questions to keep it extremely interesting
  • Throw in lots of images and videos.
  • Square it off with a bold call-to-action

(2) Create Click-seducing And Shareable Headlines

importance of headline এর ছবির ফলাফল

Crafting headlines that attract clicks and shares might sound a bit challenging. However, such headlines can be a forceful strategy for content marketing success.

If your headline fails the reader, you’ve already lost the battle.

Don’t be the marketer who loses attention at titles.

Here are 8 quick tips on designing headlines to make your audience click:

  • Use negative words, i.e. ‘no’, ‘without’ in title
  • Include a mouthwatering benefit
  • Keep it as concise as possible
  • Always write in active verb
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Use headline templates
  • Throw in power words
  • Use digits over words

(3) Diversify Your Content

Imagine heading over to a fancy burger store. You’ve seen the place before. You have heard good things about it. So you take your wife and children to try it out.

All seems cool. You sit down and eagerly flick through the menu. Your mouth is watering simply by reading it. But there’s one little problem…

The burgers only come extremely spiced. Embrace it as it is or you’re welcome to leave.

And since you can’t offer that deadly spiced burger to your wife and kids, you leave.

Seems like a stupid way of running a business, eh?

Well, when you aren’t diversifying your content, you’re doing the exact same thing.

Understand that not everybody is a fan of written content. Diversifying your content increases your audience reach. Your potential client might be more into podcasts than videos and texts.

A study done by the Content Marketing Institute proves that business-to-business (B2B) marketers use 13 different content marketing tactics on average. So, producing only one sort of content (say, a weekly blog) and promoting it through only one channel (Facebook, for example), is nothing but tieing the potential impact of your content with a set of prison ball and chain.

In order to diversify your content, you can make:

  • Slide presentations
  • Audio podcasts
  • Video explanations
  • Downloadable PDFs

(4) Go On A Guest Blogging Spree

Guest posting is a major step to exploding your audience online. They are highly effective for garnering backlinks and email sign-ups. Regardless of how many articles you ace through on content marketing, one thing that’ll remain consistent is that guest posting is your way to go.

For your guest posts to jab attention, first, you have to research the targeted audience.

What makes them tick? What are their major setbacks? What brings them to the site you’re guest posting on? How can you help them solve those problems?

More research equates to more chances of landing the post.

Once the owner accepts your offer, they’d give an intro and link back to your site.

Make your introduction count by discussing your expertise and the content found on your blog. And then throw in the link back to your site.

(5) Write The Right Type of Content

Some content do a great job of driving traffic, while some downright suck ass.

If you’d like to blast yourself towards a bigger engagement, skyrocket your number of blog comments and shoot up your social shares count, here are the top 3 types of written content you should be producing:

  • Massive Guides
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies

Whether you’re writing own blog or a guest post, these perform tiptop in all situations.

(6) Offer Tweetable Quotes On Article Body

According to The Balance Small Business:

Some 47 percent of people who follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to visit that company’s website. Three-quarter of companies with an online presence are now using Twitter for marketing purposes

Tweets are extremely effective in promoting content and will spike your lead generation rapidly.

Dig out extremely thought out sentences from your brain and put a ‘Tweet this now’ button alongside to encourage people to share them. For this approach to work, you’ll have to use lines that serve deep food for thought for the readers.

Thoughtful lines are valuable. And people always like thoughtful stuff to brush up their identity online. Therefore, you can rest assured that this method will draw you a ton traffic from Twitter.

(7) Give Away Valuable Products On Resource Page

Ever wondered why popular blogs show a resource page at the top?

Because these pages generate income.

You can showcase the tools/resources you use and follow it by a ‘Buy now’ button. Once you attain trust from your readers, they’ll buy from you. And that’s exactly when this page comes to play.

However, another great idea is to capture leads instead of promoting products. Giving away an eBook or whitepaper on your resource page can do a great job of capturing leads. Which assures you more returning visitors.

Remember that it can take time and effort to impress readers with the valuable free information you’re providing. But if you keep putting out top-notch stuff consistently, people soon will be begging you to guide them on their journey, which translates into more clients.

(8) Take Advantage of New Trends

An excellent way of growing your blog is to create content around recent trends.

If you can be one of the first people to cover the information, you can receive instant traffic through social media and search engines. However, in most cases, these posts won’t be drawing you traffic in the long run.

(9) Produce Viral Content

Making a content go viral will skyrocket your traffic. And you can convert this traffic into leads using a call-to-action. And these leads may expose you to your next client.

Regardless of how you use the traffic, producing viral content is no cakewalk, however, not impossible as well. There’s a sweet science behind content going viral.

Instead of diving deep, here I offer you 6 actionable tidbits on how to curate content for a viral outcome

  • Tap into emotions with your content: awe, wonder, anxiety, sadness, and humour
  • Put out infographics to maximize your chances of going viral
  • Write list posts to increase the chances of going viral
  • Deliver a positive message with your content
  • Always include numbers in your headlines
  • Encourage sharing on social media
  • Write on trending topics

There you are, you’re now armed with 9 content marketing hacks to maximize your client arsenal and consequently, the profits.

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