Most of my work has been ghostwriting for clients, however, here are some of my best published guest posts:

(Mason Mitcham ~ High-ticket Copywriter, MAgencyOnline.com)

Mehedi is an out-standing content marketer. He has delivered excellent quality articles which adapted to Failory’s tone and voice. He was also willing to improve it a lot based on my tedious feedback 😉

(Rich Clominson ~ Founder at Failory.com)


Mehedi is one of the best examples of passionate and energetic person when it comes to content writing. I am impressed with the content quality and delivery speed of such young mind!!

(MSI Sakib ~ Entrepreneur, SEO Expert, Owner of Techmasi And CEO At DroidDigger)

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Mehedi is an excellent copywriter with a great understanding of persuasive sales copy. I’m very particular with my sales pages, but I would trust Mehedi with any sales page I need in the future.

(Jesse Plautz ~ Digital marketing director, VapeMentors)

Mehedi is one of my most reliable writers. He knows how to keep readers hooked and his work is top-notch. I especially appreciate how responsive he is, and how I can count on him to be available whenever a last-minute deadline comes up.

Mehedi is an experienced content writer. I just showed him my competitor and I asked him to write for me similar articles, within an hour, he came up with 3 titles and I instantly approved, seemed like he knew what he was doing.

He wrote one article a day, I have used writers before and the TAT was always shady and never got my content in time. With Mehedi, he said he will send me 1 article a day and he actually delivered. Also I never had to change one word, it was written in proper English with no mistakes or misspells. Articles were completely researched and informative.

What can I say, highly recommended.

(Nicolas ~ Online marketer, owner of Hashtagpirate)

Mehedi is writing top-notch content. We’ve worked on a huge project, which was very dynamic, and Mehedi did an excellent job. The research was clearly done, communication went super smooth. Will definitely hire him again. A big vouch for him!
(Martijn Le Grand ~ Founder of EDMground)