7 Powerful Conversion Hacks That Skyrocket Your Profits

Growing a business can be incredibly hard. No questions on that part.

You can take many actions to boost growth, but, not them all are created equal. You can start focusing on profits, traffic, leads, and whatnot.

But the one thing that will make you the most money is doubling and tripling down on your conversions.

So let me present you 7 sure-shot ways to boost conversion rates, thereby your sales and profits below:

1. Provide a risk-eliminating guarantee

When settling to buy, there’s always an amount of risk involved. And this risk runs more intense for products that can’t be touched physically.

Having a powerful guarantee is an amazing way to eliminate such skeptic feel. The truth is, guarantees are extremely powerful because of the confidence and transparency around it.

Allow me to explain with examples:

Imagine you want to buy a car. Wading through many dealers online, you’ve found 2 sellers near your city.

The first dealer wants $2500. Take it or leave it. If you are not happy after the purchase; tough luck.

The second dealer demands $3000, but with a catch. He will fill your tank with fuel & let you test drive the car for 7 days. If you are not happy with it, you can take it back and you owe him NADA.

You indeed would go with the second option, right? Simply because there is no burden on your part. Plus, the seller predicts most of the risk.

Speaking of risks. Netflix and Tarapeak do an excellent job of eliminating risks.

Image result for netflix 30 day trial

Netflix offers users a 30-day trial, which can be canceled any time for avoiding getting charged.

Tarapeak is a market research tool geared towards eBay business owners. It offers users a 7-day trial where they have the potential to ramp up profits through research.

If you find interest in either of the services, there’s nothing stopping you from trying them both out as there is no risk on your end.

Such risk-free feel is exactly what you want in your prospects.

To ensure the max possible conversion, first ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my product/service high budget or low?
  • Am I charging my clients per monthly?
  • Am I touting bold claims?
  • Are my claims evidenced or not?
  • What concerns my prospects the most?

The answers will help you determine the optimum guarantee for your work and increase conversions. That said, nothing beats A/B testing to figure out the best outcome.

2. Throw In Some Testimonials

Testimonials are just space-fillers, right?


As you know, making a purchase involves risk. And that makes testimonials a powerful conversion booster.

They help potential customers relate to your actual customers, show how your business betters their lives, and add more ‘human flavor’ to your brand.

In order to boost sales, wiki jobs split tested with some simple testimonials and ended up skyrocketing their sales by 34%.

In order to extract the most value from  testimonials:

  • Keep them short, simple, sweet and benefit-packed;
  • Add them throughout your entire site;
  • Have a picture of your customer or a company logo alongside their name;
  • Keep a separate testimonials page;
  • Run split tests with different pages with different testimonials

Here are 2 testimonial examples from HubSpot’s testimonial page:

They both are short, concise and convey how buyers can benefit from Hubspot.

If you are convinced to sprinkle some testimonials throughout your site, check out the ‘Clean Testimonials‘ & ‘WP Customer Reviews’ plugins. They’re excellent.

3. Have a Sales Funnel

Generally, the more costly/complicated your service/product is, the more time it takes for prospects to buy it.

That’s when a sales funnel saves the day.

Imagine you have to sell a marketing video course showing prospects how to boost their sales online.

You are driving traffic to your landing page & some are converting. But what about the rest of the visitors?

Rather than letting them go, offer an incentive — an eBook, a checklist, and even an email course — to opt for your email list.

After they get to know you, and you earn their trust by offering value, you can often invite them to have a peek on your offering.

4. Put Scrumptious Benefits In The Spotlight

Packing your copy with benefits is a solid way to increase conversions.

Contentverve.com once ran a test for Matchoffice.com where they grew their conversions by 14.79% just by changing the call-to-action from ‘Order information and Prices’ to ‘Get Information and prices’.

Another study that proves benefit-packed copy works is by Roader Studios.

They wanted to boost sign-ups for a campaign that shows people how to get “business famous” within 5 days, thereby, changed their CTA from “click here to continue reading” to “Make me famous”. The results?

A sweet 8.39% spike in conversions.

There are many more studies evidencing that benefit-driven copy knocks shallow, unplanned, factual copy out the park.

Want to ramp up your conversions right now? Go ahead and pack your headlines and call-to-action with benefits. Quickly tell them about the mouthwatering gains they will receive.

(Need help crafting benefit-packed copy? Shoot me an email and I will help you out)

5. Muscle Up Your Headlines

8 out of 10 people read headlines, but only 2 read the rest. That’s Some off-putting figures when you are trying to capture attention, right?

Headlines can make or break your conversions. They hook your prospects, seduce them into your copy and drill the product/service benefits into their brain.

If the headline fails to hook your prospects, it doesn’t matter how good your copy body is. You have failed from the beginning.

To craft powerful headlines, offer a mouthwatering benefit while staying clear-cut; concise.

You’d find the most popular headlines do the things above really well.

As usual, the #1 way to decide your optimum headline is to test different ones. Test which benefit resonates them the most and which words catch better attention.

Pinpoint those things and your headline conversion is golden.

6. Add A Stellar Value Proposition

What is a value proposition? It is the prime reason why prospects should buy from you. It answers why they should choose you over your competition.

A value proposition is one of the biggest factors in boosting conversions.

Some famous value propositions are Apple’s “The Experience IS the Product”, and Slack’s ‘The Smartest Way to Get Around’.

A powerful value proposition informs your prospect how your product/service will reward them and how you are better than your competition.

And the 2 examples above do both things spot on.

Here’s how powerful value propositions can blast you to the top:

Schlitz beer was ranking 5th in the American beer market in 1920. Hungry for greater results, they brought legendary copywriter Claude Hopkins on board.

In the ad that skyrocketed Schlitz to #1, Hopkins described in detail the incredibly careful process of ‘how’ the company purifies their beer for the highest possible quality.

Hopkins explained:

  • How they clean every pipe twice for extreme purity
  • How they sterilize each bottle 4 times before trusting them to hold the beer
  • How they used pure water of a 4,000-foot well, though the Lake Michigan nearby would’ve done a good job

Funnily enough. All the other beer companies were following the same cleaning method.

But Schlitz was the first to inform their customers about it. Making it such a high-converting value proposition.

If you don’t have a value proposition yet, here are 3 quick steps on how you can devise one:

  • Pinpoint the biggest problems of your prospects
  • Note down the prime benefit of your product/service
  • Think out what separates you from your competition

Another great way to craft your value proposition is to ask your consumers and delve deeper into your business.

Use a survey to figure out why they like buying from you. What mainly draws them to your business? Dig into some background research.

7.  Offer Fewer Options

Although you may take more as better, the same doesn’t always apply to marketing.

Offering fewer options & required fields can boost your conversions impressively.

The NY Times once tested the impact of having options on our buying behavior.

The test was done on 2 separate Saturdays & gave us some results to ponder.

On the first Saturday, people were offered 24 different flavored jams, while on the other; 6.

On day 1, 60% of the people tasted the jams, but only 3 went on to buy.

On day 2, when 6 flavors were given, 40% of them tasted, but 30% of them went on to buy. That’s a sale increase of 600%.

Another case study carried out by Marketing Sherpa unveiled that adding only one extra field in the email sign-up form can slash down conversion by a heartbreaking 11%.

The takeaway? Do NOT flood your readers with choices. Keeping things simple will increase your chances of making more sales.

Last Words

There you have it, folks. 7 sure-shot ways to catapult your conversion rates.

However, don’t forget the secret to maximizing your conversion. That is, to keep testing different things out constantly.

What actions do you take to boost conversions? Have any questions regarding what I said above?

Just drop a comment below and I’d get back to you right away.

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